Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka (as remixes)

 Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial

(atenção, as faixas estão em streaming e só aparecem uma de cada vez, mas vc pode pular até a que vc prefere... limitações do freeware, sorry)

Take Me Now!
The Love God
Vuluke Khall (Instrumental Version)
Ici la Femme (XXX Mix) Louise Vertigo
It Was A Dream
Suck My Disc
Baise et Rebaise Moi
Half An Hour Is For Free
Give Me Anal Pleasure Please
Wooden Shoes In Tirol
Silk And Sweat
Brainwank (Psycho Foo Edit)
The Porn King
Lophophora Williamsii
Whose Fantasy Is This Anyways?

Eis o original do release:
Even if you have never seen a porn movie in your lifetime, almost everyone in the world knows what the 'Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka' represents... Each person, upon hearing it, mentally interprets the 'Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka' in their own way, fueling a range of emotions from lust to disgust. This CD represents 17 individual artists' interpretations of the 'Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka'; each providing their own unique cultural and geographic spin on the vibe that is "Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka'. From celebrations of the beauty of intimacy to a cautionary tale of excess, this collection of sound sculptures of the 'Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka' mystique from around the world will guide you into the heart of all that is 'Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka'.

So turn the lights down low, light a few candles, put this CD on the stereo and let the magic of the 'Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka' take you wherever you want to go.

Produced by mr_melvis. Illustration and layout by Jay Beckman. Additional package design by Suzanne Baumann

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